26 Jun 2015

New Website & New Blog

Just over a week ago I ecstatically published my new, redesigned boudoir website.

It has been in the making for just over 2 years but like everything in my life, it takes forever to accomplish because I am always so busy.

So in March I decided it was time to knuckle down and get it moving. Me and my partner Colin spent every free moment designing, building and coding to get it finished and I am happy to present the new look Miss Boudoir®

Miss Boudoir® Website

I'd had my old yet still gorgeous website for 6 years and it was time for a change. Again I have designed this site, it isn't a template, I sat down in Photoshop and pieced together everything I wanted and then me and Colin built it from the ground up using Laravel, a great open-source PHP framework.

Along with the new website is my new look blog (as you can see, it's all nicely matching and I've deleted all but one of the old posts for a fresh start) and a very snazzy gallery and ordering system for my clients to view and order their boudoir photos from.

There are new images in the galleries, a new pregnancy photography gallery, a fitness gallery (currently in progress of being filled with fab fitness photos), new boudoir products, a new full day photo shoot option, new checkout, new everything basically!

It's glossy, modern without being too hipster and classy all in one!

One of my favourite pages is The Team page where you can read about me and Danielle. It's a seriously in-depth, very long and personal page but it's important to know all about the people who are undertaking your delicate and private photos. 

I now have a subscribe box at the bottom of my website too so you can sign up to receive info on special offers I have running via email.

So here you go, I hope you like it and shows just how much love I have for my profession.

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