5 Jul 2015

Beware Adivas Photography | Colorado, USA | www.adivasphotography.com

**BEWARE UNPROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS** Adivas Photography | Colorado, USA | www.adivasphotography.com

I was hoping that I wouldn't have to publish this post today but here I am again, highlighting lowlife photographers who steal the text from my site, text that I've wrote about me, my service and for my website viewers to read.

Anyone would think my site is a "get started" template, free for all to copy! Well it's not, and it is against the law to steal copyrighted text and it is very easy to find copies nowadays.

With my new site/new look blog, I hoped for a fresh new start and deleted all the old posts including the ones like this but now I think I should have left them all up as a warning.

Q: So what is the next best thing to wasting any spare money I have on lawyers and billing these people??
A: Showing them up publicly for exactly what they are... thieves, untrustworthy, disrespectful, pretenders,  frauds, unprofessional photographers.

If you steal my work, my words, my time and effort I have no problem telling the world about you.

I will hopefully save at least someone from falling for your lies.

So today we have Adivas Photography | Colorado, USA | www.adivasphotography.com. They, like a heck of a lot of others decided they liked the text from my Bridal Boudoir page, SO much so they hit copy/paste and now it's part of their Bridal Boudoir page.

Adivas Photography Text Thieves
Adivas Photography

About two weeks ago I had a new website and I changed all the text so I was speaking directly to the reader instead of the 3rd person. So instead of "Emma does this and Emma does that" it is now "I do this and I do that".

It appears Adivas had stolen the text before I changed my site but a lot of it is still the same. So I decided to check when they bought their domain name and according to Domain tools it was created on 2014-09-04.

So I hear you say "What has this to do with the text and how do we know you wrote it before they did?"

Well here is neat little service that most text thieves don't know about and it's called The Internet Archive!! The IA is basically an organsiation that archives the contents of the web and has visual screen shots with dates that you can use to prove what existed and when.

So now I'd like to highlight that my bridal boudoir page has been archived 55 times since March 2011 and has that text displayed because guess what, I wrote it.

Miss Boudoir Archived

Text side by side for comparison (mine on the left, Adivas on the right).

That ladies and gents is how you prove you wrote something and that you did it before the thieves.

Now they've not stolen all my text, some chunks and mashed it together here and there but it's enough to look and read way to similar (plus it reads different to the rest of their writing style, not good) and enough that google will penalise us both for having duplicate text. Oh yes, that is another downside, steal text and you will get marked down by the search engines so not a good idea if you want a good place in the search results.

I emailed this company twice asking them to remove my text and it was met with silence. So there you have it... Adivas Photography in Colorado, USA are text thieves and obviously don't respect their business or their viewers/client enough to actually write personally about their own business. Knowing that, they'd be the last sort of people I'd want to trust with my private, personal or once in a life time photos.

Hopefully this is the last 'outing' I have to do for a while but I wouldn't bet on it, I get a weekly report or all the photographers like Adivas who resort to stealing from my site.

UPDATE: Today 8/7/2015 it appears Adivas have finally removed my text. It's only taken 2 emails and a public shaming to get somewhere. It's a real shame, it shouldn't have to come to this.

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